Getting Started - OverPoweredDev/Junior GitHub Wiki

Getting Started

To start working on this repository, just follow the below given steps and you are good to go :)

  1. Fork this repository to your account by clicking the โ€œForkโ€ button on top-right of the repository page.

  2. Now, you will see copy a of the original repository in your account.

  3. Next, clone this repository to your machine with help of IDE or you can do it with command line as well. Use below command to clone it

     git clone<your-user-name>/Junior

    For Android Studio, you can clone it using "Get from Version Control" in VCS.

  4. Open this downloaded project in your IDE i.e. Android Studio, Visual Studio Code etc.

    • For Android Studio go to Junior -> src -> lib -> main.dart and select "Enable Dart Support" option in top right corner.

    • Then, go to Junior -> src -> test -> pubspec.yaml and select "Get Dependencies" option.

    • Now, open AVD Manager in android studio and run your virtual device.

    • Run the Project file and the application will get install on virtual device.

  5. On App's home screen you will see various options like "Add New Novel", Setting, progress of ongoing novel and few other options. You are ready to Explore the app now :)

  6. Create new branch and edit all the changes into it.

  7. After changes completed, commit the changes and push it to github.

  8. Now go to github repository and you will see the option "Compare and Create Pull Request". Click on it, review changes and create new Pull Request.