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It was decided that we would set up a rota for the various roles in IBEX meetings, a rota is below. There is only a single rota for each type of role, although not all roles are needed at all meetings, there is a column then to indicate where in the rota we are. If the person scheduled on the rota isn't available, then a volunteer will be asked for at the beginning of the meeting and we will continue the rota next time. If you are scheduled for more than one role choose which one you do this time, and you get to do the other one next time. At the moment this should cover for 6 months, and it is not a repeating pattern, and it is subject to change.

Don't forget the drop in sessions as well.

Role descriptions:



Note taker:

Stand up:


Meeting Chair x for Done Timekeeper x for Done Note taker x for Done Standup Week Commencing x for Done
2021_12_16_Review/Retro JH x KB x SJ x CMS 03/01/2022 x
2022_01_06_Planning FA x DK x FA 10/01/2022 x
2022_02_03_Pre-Planning KB JH SJ 17/01/2022
2022_01_06_Review/Retro AS CMS DK TL 24/01/2022
2022_02_03_Planning DK SJ JA 31/01/2022
2022_02_24_Pre-Planning TL JA DK 07/02/2022
2022_02_03_Review/Retro DKg KB LC AS 14/02/2022
2022_02_24_Planning JH TL DKg 21/02/2022
2022_03_24_Pre-Planning SJ DKg KB 28/02/2022
2022_02_24_Review/Retro CMS LC JH FA 07/03/2022
2022_03_24_Planning DK AS JH 14/03/2022
2022_04_21_Pre-Planning JA FA JA 21/03/2022
2022_03_24_Review/Retro LC CMS AS TL 28/03/2022
2022_04_21_Planning TL DKg KB 04/04/2022
CMS 11/04/2022
LC 18/04/2022
FA 25/04/2022