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Battle Kingdoms - Lost World

Battle Kingdoms is a simple turned based RPG similar to the likes of Final Fantasy. This project simply for CS-305 and not designed for commercial use. Any properties used are only used in good fun and are not meant to infringe on copyright. Intellectual properties used in this game our not owned by us and are only being used in an educational setting.


Project Proposal



You start by choosing your party from a list of premade characters.


  • Battles - A turn order is decided at the start of the match. PC and Enemies take turns attacking one another, healing, or defending. (Encounters provide a random list of enemies)
  • Outside of Battles - ?


  • Entity
    • Character extends Entity
    • Enemy extends Entity
      • Name, Stats, Health, Skills, Level
      • Stats - attack, speed, HP, damagedHP, skills, MP, drainedMP, quoteList[4], level, and experience