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Element Instancer

The ElementInstancer is a more advanced item, and the documentation resides in here rather than the main API reference because of a "private" usability item that conflicts with the documentation on the other page.

Element constructor

ElementInstancers are supposed to instance Elements as their name implies. But, according to the API documentation, Element does not have a constructor.

The documentation lied. Element has a constructor, and it looks and acts the same as every other type that has one. There is no other type that has a "hidden" constructor.

Element new(string tag):: Creates a new Element for use in Lua. It is reference counted and tagged to be able to be garbage collected, so make sure to keep a reference of this Element around until you do not need it anymore, otherwise it will be released.

'Do not ever call the Element constructor outside of an ElementInstancer.' If you do, there will be memory leaks and errors.


Abstract class ElementInstancer. Get one from C++ by calling, and register it as a tag name by calling rocket.RegisterTag. Make sure to set the InstanceElement property to an appropriate Lua function.

ElementInstancer new():: Creates a new ElementInstancer for use in Lua. To put it to use, call rocket.RegisterTag with this object as the second argument.

InstanceElement =function(string tag) return Element end:: The only appropriate place to use the function.