Prerequisites - Erithano/Timon-Your-FAQ-bot-for-Microsoft-Teams Wiki

🚀 To deploy Timon, you will need:

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👍 Good to know before you deploy:

• Technology

Timon is built using Power Virtual Agents ("PVA") and Power Automate. Both are low-code/no-code Microsoft solutions that make app and bot development accessible to everyone.

Once deployed to your own environment, you can easily edit Timon's knowledge and capabilities in PVA. You're also able to rebrand/rename Timon in App Studio.

• Licensing

Timon was created with the Power Virtual Agents in Teams plan (included in most Microsoft/Office 365 subscriptions) in mind. Deploying Timon out-of-the-box should come at no extra cost to your organization.

To keep it short: if you are an employee of any regular business or organization, then you most likely have access to this offering and can use and deploy Timon to your organization for free.

💡 For more details, we recommend looking at the official licensing documentation provided by Microsoft.

• Multilingual deployment

Timon is available in multiple languages!

PVA currently only supports one language per bot. Each language is therefore its own bot.


To avoid bugs and many future headaches, it is HIGHLY recommended that you create ONE TEAM per LANGUAGE.

💡 The team is just a place for Timon to "exist" - this is the back-end environment where the bot information, power automate flows and knowledge database are stored. Bot interaction scope is not limited to this specific team. In other words, Timon can interact with other teams, team channels and users.

• Development

This is a passion project developed and supported by many Microsoft employees all over the world. Hundreds of hours have gone into creating the bot, translating the content and adjusting it to the "Power Virtual Agents for Teams" plan.

🤍 Created by: Erik Olsson ([email protected])

🤍 Supported by: Patricia Zemer, Max Baldt, and many, many others...

• Reminder

Timon is not an official Microsoft template. All work is provided "as is" with the hope of joy and appreciation of the recipient.

The Timon template comes without any support or warranties.