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🚀🚀🚀 In connection to the Copilot Studio Announcement at Ignite 2023 we have VERY exciting news for Timon! 🚀🚀🚀

Your friendly little "Teams, M365 and beyond " Copilot, Timon, is getting an AI-boost!

There are two options to supercharge your Timon with AI✨:

Option 1 - Timon AI Hybrid - Using your private Azure OpenAI service in your tenant (Multiple languages available)

$200/month + $3.5/1000 responses*

  • Timon with Azure OpenAI + Human knowledgebase
  • 10+ language interfaces
  • Multi-language responses when using AI, regardless of language interface
  • Your own framing (copilot personality and behavior)
  • Data stays in your tenant
  • Azure subscription and Azure OpenAI service needed for AI to run in your own tenant
  • Knowledge is basically unlimited = Azure OpenAI GPT model can handle any topic. Like ChatGPT, knowledge training data has a cutoff date of September 2021 for GPT 3.5 Turbo, and April 2023 for GPT 4 Turbo (1106 preview)

Option 2 - Timon AI Only


  • Timon with Microsoft Copilot Studio integrated Azure OpenAI service.
  • English only
  • Data processing depends on region of choice Details listed here
  • Make sure to 'Enable Data Movement Across Regions" as described in the linked article above, if your Tenant location is in one of the mentioned regions.
  • Azure subscription is optional (not required)
  • In default configuration: Knowledge is based on your choice of data sources, not the Azure OpenAI service. (This means that evergreen live public URL sources, internal SharePoint sites, internal OneDrive links, and more data source options are available. URLs have no cutoff date, always latest info).

*Both options will include 25 000 message capacity per tenant/month Official Copilot Studio details here

[!TIP] Some more Info:

Option 1 - Add Azure OpenAI topic to Timon

Adding Azure OpenAI Services gives Timon the possibility to use a LLM (Large Language Model) and it's training data to provide answers in cases where normally Timon wouldn't have a answer.

The cool thing about Azure OpenAI in direct comparison to ChatGPT, for example: Azure OpenAI runs in your Subscription, the data / prompts will never leave the boundaries of your Microsoft environment. Additionally it lets your user's indirectly use a LLM and that might bring a lot of fun! Instead of user's asking ChatGPT and data leaving your organization's boundaries, your users can trust Timon with their query ✨✅ All data will stay in your environment hosted on Azure.


We got you covered -> just follow the Link: Add your Azure OpenAI Instance or watch the Deployment Video HOW TO INSTALL TIMON

Option 2 - Copilot Studio -> Conversational Boosting

Using the latest GPT Models of Azure OpenAI Services Timon can stay up to date with it's knowledge. Usually a GPT model is trained up to a specific date in time and therefore wouldn't know about anything past that date. With the Conversational Boost feature in Copilots we can circumvent this limitation by providing the links to the M365 Documentation in the Copilot Config. The Copilot will then 'crawl' the documentation and stay up-to-date with it's data.

  • This capability may be subject to usage limits or capacity throttling.
  • Responses generated by the generative answers capability aren't always perfect and can contain mistakes. The system is designed to query knowledge from the website of your choosing and to package relevant findings into an easily consumable response. However, it's important to keep in mind some characteristics of the AI that may lead to unexpected responses:
  • The corpus upon which the model has been trained doesn't include data created after 2021 (GPT-3.5).

We have implemented mitigations to prevent the model from using its training corpus as a source for answers, however it is possible for answers to include content from websites other than the one you selected.

  • The system doesn't perform an accuracy check, so if the selected data source contains inaccurate information it could be shown to your chatbot users. We have implemented mitigations to filter out irrelevant and offensive responses, and the feature is designed not to respond when offensive language is detected. These filters and mitigations are not foolproof. Note You should always test and review your bots before publishing them, and consider collecting feedback from your bot's users.

[!TIP] You can also add your own website to Timon's knowledge resources - just make sure to follow these guidelines:

  • For a repeatable Timon experience, don't remove the links from the template
  • If your site is external, make sure it's indexed or found by Bing.
  • Don't use sites with forums or comments from end users; this can reduce the relevancy of answers.
  • Don't include query strings, more than two levels of depth, or the character "." in your URL.

Want to see how it works? Watch the Deployment Video HOW TO INSTALL TIMON