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The planet is destroyed and is being exploited. The rich have left and the left inhabitants work for them. A small group, once part of a highly developed civilisation, breaks free from the oppression and lives underground, preparing to rise to their former glory once again. One day a tribe-member finds the holy flower, which is supposed to be sacrificed to their god. This tribe-member is then put on the mission to reach the surface and sacrifice the flower. The overseer of the planet however wishes to stop them and sends soldiers their way.

For more information on the lore see 10.2 Lore.


The tribe-member, scared to their wits, tries to accomplish the prophecy and save their clan. The more obstacles they face and the more poison they take, the more their perception breaks.


The story is based on a three act structure. Act 1 acts as a setup, act 2 as confrontation and act 3 as resolution. The main conflict in the story is that the main antagonist, the angel, wants to sustain his lifestyle and the regime reigning over the home planet, whilst Shmobéy and their tribe wish to destroy the regime and conquer the surface once again. Another conflict is the main character's internal conflict, where they fight against their growing anxiety caused by the unwanted responsibility of herohood.

Act 1: Introduction

In the first act the player is exposed to the events leading to the inciting incident, where Shmobéy is given the task to bring the holy flower to the surface. The dilemma of Shombéy being deathly afraid of this task is also being introduced.

  • Introduction: Shmobéy finds the holy flower in an exhibition.

  • Rising action: Back in their village, Shmobéy is very nervous when walking toward the temple.

  • Climax: Shmobéy is tasked with completing the mission. Once they take the flower, they feel their heart drop.

  • Falling action: Shmobéy is on their way out of the village, and learns how to fight.

  • Conclusion: Shmobéy goes on their way to the surface.

  • Goal: Player learns to interact with the environment and how to fight enemies.

After leaving the village, the player immediately reaches the stone gate to the tribe's surface temple. However it needs to be open first.

  • Introduction: Player reaches stone gate and understands it is locked by the puzzle.
  • Rising action: Player walks through Level 1 searching for clues how to solve the statues puzzle. Player finds NPCs who help them solve the puzzle. Player talks to each of the four NPCs needed. Player enters the statues room again once level 2 is completed, and finds that everyone of the four NPCs found their way back.
  • Climax: With the clues the player solves the puzzle and the stone gate opens.

There is no Falling action or conclusion, as this climax immediately transits into stage 3/boss level.

  • Goal: Find all clues to open the gate.

Act 2: Stage 1 & 2

In act 2 the player is confronted with the statue puzzle. To solve it, they need to venture into the dungeon and find the clues. The action rises, as Shmobéy fights enemies, their mental health declines and the NPC’s foreshadow Shmobéy doom.

Stage 1

  • Introduction: Shmobéy defeats all the enemies and goes to talk to the NPCs.

  • Rising-Action: The NPCs all need some item from Shmobéy, there are even some puzzles. The NPCs seem indifferent, perhaps even hostile. Player finds the two clues for statue puzzle

  • Climax: As soon as the quid pro quo chain is complete, Shmobéy gets a message, which warns him to turn around, else they will die. (Maybe some flashing pictures of prior adventurers dying?)

  • Falling action: Shmobéyr has found the two clues in the level for the statue puzzle

  • Conclusion: Shmobéy gets an upgrade and walks to the next Stage

  • Goal: Finding two clues for the statues puzzle.

Stage 2

  • Introduction: Shmobéy meets an NPC, a stone-golem. This looks like a mini-boss

  • Rising-Action: Shmobéy fights against the stone-golem

  • Climax: Once the stone-golem is defeated, its asset shifts and the room looks different. Shmobéy has been hallucinating

  • Falling Action: Stone-golem asks Shmobéy to find its children

  • Rising-Action: Solving Puzzle and defeating enemies to find the three children

  • Conclusion: Once the children are back with their parent, the golem moves and a door appears behind them. Shmobéy gets an upgrade and moves on, back to the statues room

  • Goal: Finding two clues for the statues puzzle.

Act 3: Boss-Level

In act 3 the final boss is introduced. This is where the plot twist is set, as Shmobéy finally reaches the surface, feels direct sunlight for the first time and learns that the angel is actually evil and his foe. The climax of the boss fight rises until it reaches its peak at the death of the angel. After this point a cutscene acts as the conclusion.

  • Introduction: Cutscene, which introduces the angel plays

  • Rising-Action: Boss fight with 4 stages

  • Climax: The boss is defeated

  • Falling-Action & Conclusion: Cutscene, which shows the end of the game

  • Goal: Defeat the boss.