Create a new Apache Royale library project in Visual Studio Code - BowlerHatLLC/vscode-as3mxml Wiki

Learn to set up a project in Visual Studio Code to create a SWC library for Apache Royale.

Development Setup

  1. Install the ActionScript & MXML extension for Visual Studio Code.

  2. Create a new directory for your project, and open it in Visual Studio Code.

    To open a directory, select the File menu → Open... or click Open Folder button in the Explorer pane.

  3. Choose an ActionScript SDK for your workspace.

  4. Create a file named asconfig.json in the root directory of your project, and add the following content:

    	"type": "lib",
    	"compilerOptions": {
    		"targets": [
    		"source-path": [
    		"include-sources": [
    		"output": "bin/MyLibrary.swc"

    In addition to include-sources, you may also use the include-classes or include-namespaces compiler options to include code in your library. See Library Compiler Options for asconfig.json for details.

    If you need to set the config field to "js", you must replace the "JSRoyale" target with "JS" instead. Similarly, when using the config value "node", replace the "JSRoyale" target with "JSNode".

  5. Create directory named src.

  6. Inside src, create any classes that you want to include in the library SWC.

Next Steps