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The ActionScript & MXML extension for Visual Studio Code supports a variety of SDKs, including:

Before choosing an SDK, you must open a folder in Visual Studio Code to use it as your project's workspace. To open a folder, go to the File menu → Open... or click Open Folder button in the Explorer view.

The workspace's current SDK

Your workspace's currently selected SDK is displayed on the right side of the status bar at the bottom of the window, if you have a .as, .mxml, or asconfig.json file open.

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code status bar with an Adobe AIR SDK selected

The item in the status bar may display No SDK if you haven't selected an SDK for your workspace, and if the SDK discovery mechanism could not find any SDKs for you automatically.

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code status bar with no SDK selected

Choose a different SDK

Open the command palette by going to the View menu and selecting Command Palette....

You may also use the Ctrl+Shift+P keyboard shortcut (or Command+Shift+P on macOS) to open the command palette

Run the ActionScript: Select Workspace SDK command:

Screenshot of the ActionScript: Select Workspace SDK command in Visual Studio Code

A list of available SDKs will be displayed:

Screenshot of the ActionScript SDK Picker in Visual Studio Code that displays a list of available SDKs

When you choose one of the SDKs from this list, it will update the as3mxml.sdk.framework setting in your current workspace. The extension will load the framework from the selected SDK to provide API completion and other code intelligence features for that particular SDK.

Tip: You can also select the workspace SDK by clicking the name of the current SDK in the status bar, if it is currently displayed.

Add more SDKs to the list

The first time that you open the SDK picker, you may see several SDKs populated automatically from known locations (such as the SDKs installed with Adobe Flash Builder or defined on your PATH, ROYALE_HOME, or FLEX_HOME environment variables). You should also see an option that says Add more SDKs to this list.... You can select this option to activate an dialog that allows you to select any folder from your computer that contains one or more SDKs.

Alternatively, you may open Visual Studio Code's settings and modify the as3mxml.sdk.searchPaths setting manually:

	"as3mxml.sdk.searchPaths": [

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