Message - Bilal2453/discordia-components Wiki

The Discordia Message class patched to include additional features.

This is a patched class. For full usage refer to the Discordia Wiki, only patched methods and properities are documented here.


Name Type Description
components table The raw table representing the components attached to this Message. See Discord's Component Structure for documentations of this field.


replyComponents(content, components)

Parameter Type
content string/table
components Components-Resolvable/table

Equivalent to, components).

This method always makes an HTTP request.

Returns: Message

updateComponents(comp, data)

Parameter Type Optional
comp Components-Resolvable/boolean
data table

Similar to Message:update(data) except data is optional and mainly used to modify components field of a message. If components is false/nil, all components on that message will be removed. data may optionally be supplied to override other fields such as content, embed, etc.

Returns the modified version of the Message.

This method always makes an HTTP request.

Returns: Message

waitComponent(type, id, timeout, predicate)

Parameter Type Optional
type string/number
id Custom-ID-Resolvable
timeout number
predicate function

Equivalent to self.client:waitComponent(self, ...).

Returns: boolean, ...