Client - Bilal2453/discordia-components Wiki

The Discordia Client class patched to include additional features.

This is a patched class. For full usage refer to the Discordia Wiki, only patched methods and properities are documented here.


waitComponent(msg, typ, id, timeout, predicate)

Parameter Type Optional
msg Message
typ string/number
id Custom-ID-Resolvable
timeout number
predicate function

Equivalent to client:waitFor("interactionCreate", timeout, predicate) except that it pre-provides a predicate for ease of use. If msg is provided, only interactionCreate event that reference this Message will pass. type is the type of the component interaction see componentType enumeration for acceptable values, if none specified any will match. id is the component custom_id, if none provided any id will match, timeout behave similar to waitFor's, so do predicate.

Returns: boolean, ...