Species pages and species level traits - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/documentation Wiki

We can continue our basic configuration and use of our LA services, loading data into BIE and Species Lists tool.

  1. Load DwCA with an extension into BIE using the admin interface at /bie-index/admin. An example DwCA archive is here. This is s subset of GBIF Backbone Taxonomy containing only Mammals. To load the archive, scp the file to /data/bie/import/ of your server hosting your BIE service, and extract. Note: you made to change the permissions of the uploaded archive (chown -R tomcat7:tomcat7 /data/bie/import/dwc-a). Go to "DwCA Import" to import it. Once the DwC archive has loaded, you need to swap the SOLR cores using the SOLR web interface (see above for how to create SSH tunnel to see SOLR interface). In SOLR admin, chose “Core admin” and then select the BIE core and then the “swap” button. More info here and here.
  2. Upload a CSV of trait information into species lists list service. Mark the list as “Authoritative” for it to appear on species pages.
  3. Use that species list in the spatial portal to load a number of species in one layer.
  4. Index against the list.