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An indication of whether a record is spatially valid or not.


A single value statement on the spatial validity. Records that have failed 1 or more critical geospatial data quality tests have a value of false The following tests are applied to each record. If it fails any one of these, it's not considered to be spatially valid (spatiallyValid will be false).

These tests rely on the record having some sort of coordinate location - a latitude and longitude or a grid reference - something that would allow you to find the record on a map. If a record doesn't have any coordinate-based location, then the record is considered not spatially valid. Examples include where the location is just a town name, there is only a text description of the location, or the record is actually a drawing showing the characteristics of a species and doesn't have any location information.

For more information about the spatial validity test and how this changed in 2021, please see our article:

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