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Superseded - replaced by spatiallyValid

Short description

An indication of whether a record is spatially valid or not.


A single value statement on the spatial validity. Records that have failed 1 or more critical geospatial data quality tests have a value of false

The following tests are applied to each record. If it fails any one of these, it's not considered to be spatially valid (geospatially kosher will be false).

Geospatial issue. If there is a user-annotated geospatial issue attached to the record, then the record fails. This status can change if the issue is resolved and removed. Example: "Geospatial issue" (note that not all examples actually find something in the ALA worth reporting)

Taxonomic issue. If there is a user-annotated taxonomic issue attached to the record, then the record fails. This test is included because users flag that may be a geospatial issue, reported as a taxonomic issue, depending on what they see in the record. "This is a kangaroo in the middle of the ocean, well it can't be a kangaroo."

Supplied coordinates are zero. If both the supplied latitude and longitude are zero, the record fails.

Coordinates are out of range for species. If the latitude or longitude are out of range (-90 to 90 for latitude, -180 to 180 for longitude) the record fails. The "out of range of species" is a red herring in this case.

Decimal latitude/longitude conversion failed. If we cannot convert the supplied decimal latitude and longitude to the WGS84 datum (EPSG 4326) that the ALA uses. This may be because the supplied position cannot be unambiguously translated to or because the supplied position is invalid.

Unparseable verbatim coordinates. If there isn't a decimal latitude and longitude supplied and if we cannot convert the text (verbatim) latitude and longitude into a decimal form, then the record fails.

Unable to convert UTM coordinates. If we only have an easting and northing and cannot convert these to a latitude and longitude, the record fails.

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ALA usage

Values are: Spatially valid (true); Spatially suspect (false); No issue (for no value)

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