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Superseded - replaced by basisOfRecord

Short description

What this is a record of e.g. specimen, human observation, fossil.


What the record is of, e.g. this is a record a specimen or a human observation of an organism in the wild. This ranges from human observation, through machine observation, to preserved specimens and DNA analysis. The values used by the ALA include those identified in Darwin Core ( augmented by additional terms to describe DNA, sound based observation and nomenclatural checklists.

Relevant Standards

Darwin Core: basisOfRecord

Expert vocabulary

Darwin Core: PreservedSpecimen, FossilSpecimen, LivingSpecimen, MaterialSample, Event, HumanObservation, MachineObservation, Taxon, Occurrence

ALA usage

EnvironmentalDNA, FossilSpecimen, GenomicDNA, HumanObservation, Image. LivingSpecimen, MachineObservation, MaterialSample, NomenclaturalChecklist, PreservedSpecimen, Sound, Not Supplied (for no value)

Technical description, provenance, code