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If country and/or countryCode are not supplied or the supplied values cannot be matched to a known country, an attempt will be made to find the country the records are from using a spatial search based on the supplied coordinates. The derived country and countryCode will be stored as processed values.

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Implications and caveats

Severity: Warning

If no country has been supplied, there is no way to verify whether the supplied coordinates are correct, or even in the ball park. For example, all HumanObservation records in ALA that are ostensibly from Europe were supplied with coordinates only and had the country derived from the coordinates. These records have to be assumed to be Australian records with incorrect coordinates, but are not flagged by any other assertions that indicate that the coordinates might be incorrect.

Data custodian recommendations

Never supply only coordinates. Always supply complete location information, at the very least country (or waterBody for marine records). This way, if the coordinates happen to be outrageously incorrect, the records can be marked with more informative flags, like COUNTRY_COORDINATE_MISMATCH.

Code reference


The country is changed to the alternative country name matched as listed in where "add_issue=true".