COUNTRY_COORDINATE_MISMATCH - AtlasOfLivingAustralia/ala-dataquality Wiki


The interpreted occurrence coordinates fall outside of the indicated country.

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Implications and caveats

Severity: Warning

May indicate country information given is an unrecognised name or abbreviation, or country code is incorrect.

Some occurrences in coastal habitats may incorrectly be flagged due to the imprecision of the spatial layer used to determine area of country. There is a 0.1 degree buffer used around the political and Exclusive Economic Zone shapefiles used to define the country boundaries. In addition, ANTARTICA is considered a valid match when the latitude < -60.

List of synonyms for country used to validate country information: Where an external territory has been recognised with it's own country name (for example Christmas Island) or a border changes or is disputed, the confused country pairs list is used to determine the processed country name.

Changes made to this calculation in June 2022 now include external territories of Australia as part of Australia. Previously this was not the case.

Data custodian recommendations

Check country name, country code and coordinates supplied.

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