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Currently only supports Scarlet & Violet for the miscellaneous use cases of these specific functions.


Raid Event Scanner Group is a niche form of Raid Crawler that scans just the first den from the raid block. It does not check anything except for PID, EC, and IVs. More for my personal use but if you can find a use for it then enjoy!!

Misc Group

  • OverShootMS controls the hold time to overshoot the date time settings by one then DUP. Test out what time works best for you as it will vary by session.
  • Vivillon Form: set this to the desired form you wish to spawn in the overworld.
  • Vivillon Time Stamp: The values here get added to a time stamp of when your current Vivillon Form is set to revert back to the default form.
  • This takes today's epoch time and adds your value as how many days to set the expiration to from today's epoch time. 10 days is the max to be more "realistic" and not let it end in 2054.

Outbreak Conditions

  • Automated Outbreak Scanner that reads the save block and shows: Total number of Outbreaks on map, Species, Form, Knock Out Count, and Total Count.
  • 0 -> 61: Will set the knock count of all outbreaks from 0/the current value to 61.
  • Collide: Will teleport us to the coordinates of the outbreak. You can always just go walk there yourself.
  • StopOnSpecies: List out what species to search for, separating them by a comma. Ex: Scatterbug,Vivillon,Fidough
  • EnableWebhook: To get pinged on discord if you have webhook functionality setup, otherwise you will get a MessageBox popup.


  • You can read & modify Vivillon form, timestamp, and KO Count from the title screen (before pressing A to enter the game).
  • I recommend doing this here first if you are wanting to hunt Vivillon forms or change the KO Count.
  • If you hit 0 -> 61 on the title screen it will automatically attempt to enter the game and load your current outbreaks.