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The Zig community is decentralized. Anyone is free to start and maintain their own space for the community to gather, and edit this wiki page to add a link. There is no concept of "official" or "unofficial", however, each gathering place has its own moderators and rules.

When adding a new community please append it at the end of the existing list as a form of courtesy.



Discord (English)

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Matrix / Element


  • zig-lang
    • Admin: Aria Elfren (Zulip username)
    • Rules: Same as IRC (for now)

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Stack Overflow

Questions tagged [zig]

Moderators and rules here are governed by Stack Overflow.




The show where members of the Zig community share code and ideas.

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  • Discord
    The Zig SHOWTIME Discord server serves as a coordination tool for organizing the show, and as a place where people invested in the success of Zig can socialize and collaborate together on new projects. The main goal of this space is to create a community of creators (be it code, blogs, videos, or undefined), so that we can all make the most out of our Zig experience. Nobody is born knowing Zig so everyone is welcome to have fun in this server but, if you're unsure whether Zig is the right language for you, it's recommended you check out first other Zig communities as they might be more focused on helping newcomers to the language.


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