Add html - yesidc/toolbox Wiki


  1. Create your own branch, say, my_branch (create a branch from main).
    • git checkout main
    • git checkout -b my_branch
  2. Go to tbcore/
  3. Create HTML for each idea
    1. If there is a link, add the attribute target="_blank">

      • example: <a href="your link" target="_blank">This page will open in another tab.</a>
    2. If it is a 'document' link:

      • add <a> tag
      • In href="" change the name of pdf document (the rest of the path should remain as in the example below.)
      • Say we want to add a document called 'Main.pdf': <a href="{% static '/tbcore/support_documents/Main.pdf' %}" target="_blank">text provided by Ly</a>
  4. Do not forget to make commits (to my_branch) from time to time.
  5. Once you have completed a total of 4 ideas; push my_branch to the repo
  6. Create a merge request to the ‘ideas’ branch
  7. Assign Yesid to the merge request
  8. In the merge description, indicate the ideas you worked on.
  9. Repeat 3-9 steps.