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Since version 2.0.3 there is a custom WP-CLI command available for querying records via the command line.

The query subcommand can accept any available query parameter as an argument.

Basic Usage

$ wp stream query
$ wp stream query --author=1
$ wp stream query --author_role__not_in=administrator --date_after=2015-01-01T12:00:00
$ wp stream query --author=1 --action=login --records_per_page=50 --fields=created --order=asc


You can use the fields argument to fetch only the portions of the record that you are interested in.

Fields will be displayed in the output in the same order that you place them into the argument.


$ wp stream query --fields=created,author,ip,summary

If the fields argument is undefined the default output will be:

  • created
  • ip
  • author
  • author_meta.user_login
  • author_role
  • summary

Notice that you can get specific fields from within an object field by using a . (dot).

You can override the default fields output using the wp-cli.yml configuration file in your project:

stream query:
    fields: created,summary,author_meta.user_login


As of 2.0.4 there is also a reserved format argument available to change the output of the query results.

  • table (default) - Displays results in ASCII table format
  • count - Displays only the number of results found
  • json - Displays results in raw JSON format
  • json_pretty - Displays results in a readable JSON format with whitespace
  • csv - Displays results in CSV format


$ wp stream query --format=count
$ wp stream query --author=1 --format=json