Repository info - xrg/OpenERP GitHub Wiki

This "OpenERP" repository is a very small git repo, mainly pointing to the component repos for the ERP, through the "git-submodules" functionality.

Submodules ensure that you get some "snapshot" of the other repos (server, client, addons, extra-addons etc), properly aligned with each other.

About hosting

GitHub is kind enough to host us and offer all these cool features in its web-ui. However, git means that we can have the same repos (or better, the same heads/commits) in parallel servers, for redundancy.

Unfortunately, GitHub has 2 limitations with respect to hosting the "addons" repository: 1. they care about size and would be a little uncomfortable hosting a 1.2GB repository. 2. they enforce a git-fsck which finds an error in some early commits of this repo. Therefore, you will be automatically redirected to another server (the Hellenic Linux User's Group host) or SourceForge for that data.


Commits in all "server", "addons", "client", "client-web" etc. repos are semi-automatically mirrored from Launchpad. A buildbot machine checks for new commits all the time and updates a local git repo. There is still two manual steps (so far) : 1. new branches at Launchpad need to be scanned on demand (it's an expensive procedure) 2. pushing to GitHub, Sourceforge and tux-cave, which is done on a daily basis

Note that the mirroring procedure is bidirectional. You can ask me (xrg) to add your git branches to buildbot, so that they can be pushed back to Launchpad, if you wish so.