Installation instructions - xmichael/tagger GitHub Wiki



The Tagger middleware/web-frontend can be installed either as a standalone or as a WSGI application.

  1. Download prerequisites

  2. Clone the repository to any directory

  3. Edit tagger/src/main/resources/config.ini as explained in the comments inside the file:

    • set the full path of the tagger installation

    • set the path of libspatialite library and the exitool directory

    • (optional) specify a dropbox application key / secret pair for dropbox support. These are obtained at the dropbox official site.

    • (optional) load the geograph corpus by specifying a directory with geograph images. As a prerequisite one needs to:

      • download the geograph images from the upstream torrents.

      • download the spatialite version of the geograph metadata and overwrite the existing data/sessions.db file. These metadata are available under geograph’s licensing terms.

  4. Execute tagger/src/main/wsgi/ This will start a server at http://localhost:8080 unless otherwise specified in the config.ini file. Alternatively, this file can also be executed as a wsgi application by apache with mod_wsgi.

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