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The IGIBS WMS-factory suite consists of the following parts:

  • A WSGI web service to provide an interface where:

    1. The user uploads diverse datasets (different types of vectors or rasters in different projections ) as a single zip file

    2. the resulting properties of the included files are presented to the user where metadata and styling options are edited.

    3. The URL of an INSPIRE compliant View Service (VS) is presented to the user. This VS can be accessed either from the bundled WMS mapping application or any WMS 1.1.1/1.3.0 compliant desktop client.

  • A library providing bleeding edge functionality commonly missing from the GIS ecosystem, like the generation of INSPIRE compliant View Services / WMSs

  • Shibboleth support: The generated service is optionally protected with the SAML2 Web Browser SSO profile.


To install this web application locally one needs to:

  • configure the system by editing wsgi/resources/config.ini

  • Install apache and configure as follows:

    • set wsgi/igibs.wsgi as a WSGI application

    • set www/htdocs as a document root for static pages

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