Newsletter Editor duties - xiaoxu193/bitofnews-image-editor GitHub Wiki


Create 5 article summaries in

  • Login to, click "Articles", and click "Add Article" on the top right, and add a total of 6 summaries.
  • In the "Add article page", paste in a link and click "Parse" to automatically fill in basic info
  • After the "Publisher" info, add in the article time. For example, if it says Washington Post, change it to Washington Post / 4 min read. Adjust reading time accordingly (# of words / 400).
  • Write the summary of the article yourself.

Create top image for the newsletter

  • Go to this link:
  • Search Google for "news picture of the day", and pick a good image. (Alternatively, any quality image you find online)
  • Drag an image to the box. Enter in the date and caption. Click Download image
  • Upload the image onto and copy the direct link
  • Inside the Google doc, enter the image and description using this format:
USA midfielder Carli Lloyd (#10) celebrates her goal during the World Cup final match between USA and Japan in Vancouver.
Source: Getty Images / Franck Fife

(Yes, you have to repeat the link twice.)