Content Editors' duties - xiaoxu193/bitofnews-image-editor GitHub Wiki

Edit drafts in

  • Go to the Wordpress admin and check the "Drafts" folder to see if writers submitted new articles
  • Edit grammar
  • Shorten lengthy sentences with better phrasing. Breakdown long paragraphs into smaller paragraphs. Add in subtitles if the article is too long.
  • Add images by using Creative Common pictures from Flick
  • Set the correct Category: Life / Science /News / Business
  • Set the "Featured Image"
  • Move the article from Draft to Pending Review

Setup your writer's Wordpress account

  • Go to Login if you need to
  • Click Add New
  • Enter their username (usually just firstname, if it's taken, use firstname+lastname), email, first name, last name, set their role to "Author".
  • Click "show password" and copy this. Complete the setup by clicking Add new user.
  • Email them the password and give them the following instructions to setup their profile image.

Setup your writer's profile image

These are instructions for your writers:

  • Go to and click "Create your own Gravatar"
  • Register an account with your email address: [email protected]. NOTE: This email address must match the email address you entered in your Wordpress profile
  • After you create the account, you can then upload a profile picture. After you're done, the picture will show up on our site within 10 minutes.