Week 2 Meeting 1 Agenda and Notes - wshahzad/Team-Four GitHub Wiki

###1. Document five users (personas) * Personas can be humans or non-humans

  • guest/visitor/public user;
  • registered user (user who has an account with the website);
  • system user/power user/super user (person who manages the website);
  • support (respond to requests/issues);
  • Web API or SBA Web API (system that feeds data to the website).
  • How about the developer??? (question) -****if the story has to do with fixing bugs or internal story then the developer could be a persona. ****
  • Do we submit a word doc of personas/requirements in the discussion board? (question) - We can submit a word document to the discussion board. We can also add links to our documents here in GitHub and Pivotal Tracker.

2. Converge on five user requirements in canonical form in Pivotal

 * Functional or Non-Functional Requirements?  
 * as a <persona>, I want to <requirements>, so that <reason>    
  • as a public user,I want to be able to search for...so that...
  • as a registered user, I want to be able to log into my account.
  • as a registered user, I want to be able to see my saved searches, so I can see my favorites.
  • as a public user, I want to be able to register on the website so that i can store my searches.
  • as a registered user, I want to be able to see my search history.....

3. Specifications

Home Page
This page will be starting point for any user, it could have two version one for the users who first time visits and 2nd for the returning users.

Main Navigation
Following will be the options available in navigation bar on all the web pages.

  • Home
  • Advance Search
  • My History
  • About & Contact Us

Home Page - First time access:
When a new user will first time access the home page he/she will be presented with a search box and search button. After entering the keyword a search will be made to SBA provided APi, the results will be returned and display on the screen. The search made will be saved in local storage, to maintain user search history. There will be no expire date set on history storage in local storage.

Home Page - Returning user access:
When a user will return to home page, he will have same search box and search button, and with the last search made on the web site. Advance Search Link Page: Advance search page will provide more options to refine the search such as govt. type, loan type, industry, state etc. Making the search form this page will return same type of listing like home page, and will maintain the last searched history in local storage. Search Result Listing The page will provide list of returned result with a summary, and a hyperlink to see the details on a separate page (Loan Details page). My History This page will show all search made without the results, but when clicked on a search result it will re-run the search and bring fresh results. About and Contact Us A form based page to accept end users queries.  

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