Term Project Policy - wshahzad/Team-Four GitHub Wiki

1. Our product is a specialized web site focused on providing loan and grant information for businesses and entrepreneurs via interactive search tools and intuitive user design.

2. Our product is not just a search engine, it is a personal assistant that can find any loan and grant information that users may need to make informed decisions.

3. All team members understand the value of having professionals from different fields in the team and believe in collaboration and team work. Each member is a subject matter expert but it will also participate in all tasks by advising, peer review, pair programming, ideas and more.

4. The team will meet two times a week and will regularly maintain communication via email and phone. Agenda will be posted on Wiki in advance of each meeting. Failure to commit to the team project may result in different individual grades.

5. All weekly deliverable will be reviewed and assigned during the first meeting. A demo will be conducted at the end of each week for approval. All final revisions will be consolidated and submitted to the facilitator.

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