Installation - worldexplorer/SquareOne GitHub Wiki

SquareOne-v0.9/ folder contains the latest build. No installation required. SquareOne stores all its data in Data/ subfolder. Once .NET 4 is installed, download _SquareOne-v0.9/ and run Sq1.Gui.exe.

You can download the application here:

After you click on "Download ZIP" you'll need only "_SquareOne-v0.9/" subfolder. It contains Sq1.Gui.exe for you to run.

If you don't trust executable files download from the Internet:

  1. delete this exe;

  2. open Sq1.Gui.#D.sln in SharpDevelop;

  3. compile and run the freshly built Sq1.Gui/bin/Debug/Sq1.Gui.exe

  4. for Debug configuration, SquareOne considers Data-debug/ as "home folder";

  5. for Release configuration, SquareOne considers Sq1.Gui/bin/Release/Data/ as "home folder";