How to set a breakpoint - worldexplorer/SquareOne GitHub Wiki

  1. open Sq1.#D.sln in SharpDevelop;

  2. set Configuration to Debug;

  3. type "Debugger.Break()" anywhere inside the code of strategy in Sq1.Strategies.Demo;

  4. Run Sq1.Gui startup project;

  5. open the strategy you changed in Tools -> Strategies;

  6. click in ChartMenu -> Backtest -> Backtest Now;

  7. when your breakpoint is hit, you'll get back to SharpDevelop in debug mode;

  8. you can explore local variables; the gateway to internal Core data structures is in base.Executor (for any userland script derived from Sq1.Core.StrategyBase.Script);

  9. donate $30 to SharpDevelop team: they saved 13Gb on your SSD drive; you may ask them to implement "activate edited code in debug mode" feature;