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Setekh Wenut  바람 침식 모래 벌레
시간 counting
09:12 Floor 12 - Chamber 3 - Second Half 후반 시작

09:09 1 up           WXY11      북12        Stream of Gales
09:05 1 down         A5         ->남6                   

09:01 2 up           E7         남6         Dig
08:55 2 down         GW9        ->서9

08:52 3 up           GK1 + VW2  북동1       Stormbreath
08:44 3 down

08:40 4 up           GWT4 -> R3 남동4       Dig
08:34 4 down         VW2        ->북동2

08:32 5 up           A10 -> GW9 북서10      Floating State
08:26 5              E7                    hit the Windbite Bullets
08:25 5              A5 + GWT4             become paralyzed (10s, loses 45% RES)
08:10 5 down         R3 + VW2   북동2

08:07 1 (2nd) up     VW2        북동2       Thrust
08:02 1 (2nd) down   

07:59 2 (2nd) up     WXY11      북12        Stream of Gales
07:52 2 (2nd) down   WT9       서9
Floor 12-3-2 StrategyThe Setekh Wenut has a static attack pattern for this chamber.
For the first 40 seconds, it will simply go up and down across the arena,
only doing one beam attack that can be easily dodged by getting close to it.

After 40 seconds, it will do its Anemo Windbite Bullets setup,
where you need to use an Element that can be swirled with Anemo.
Doing this will knock it down and stun it, letting you damage it freely for 20 seconds.

After 20 seconds, it will dive back down and repeat the entire process again.
This means realistically you only have 2 minutes to kill the boss in two rotations to get the full reward.

Avoid Setekh Wenut's Attacks
▲ You can easily check the Setekh Wenut's movement so you can easily dodge and avoid its attacks

Things To Remember:
1. Carefully check its movement to know when or where it will appear.
2. Prepare your character's Elemental Burst once the Setekh Wenut starts diving
  Make use of Yelan and Nahida's Elemental Burst
3. Remember the duration of its downtime
Setekh Wenut is a difficult type of enemy that mostly moves underground which makes it hard for us to initiate an attack. In order to achieve the highest reward, we need to defeat it with only 7 minutes left on the clock. Be careful when attacking and make sure that you do not miss any timing while attacking the Setekh Wenut.

Use Bow Characters To Destroy Wind Bite Pellets
Destroy the Wind Bite Pellets in order to decrease the Setekh Wenut's RES, and in order to do this you need a Hydro/Pyro/Electro bow character. You just need to use their Elemental Skill and aim it at the WInd Bite Pellets. Once the pellets are destroyed, Setekh Wenut will fall down and its movement will be halted for a certain time, take this chance to hit the creature with all your might to inflict more damage.




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