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Gtkdialog (or gtkdialog) is a small utility for fast and easy GUI building. It can be used to create dialog boxes for almost any interpreted and compiled programs which is a very attractive feature since the developer does not have to learn various GUI languages for the miscellaneous programming languages.

This GitHub project is a continuation of Thunor's Google Code hosted project which was the continuation of László Pere's project which he no longer has the time to maintain. László Pere's website can be found here: http://linux.pte.hu/~pipas/gtkdialog/


As of 2013-04-02 Thunor had added GTK+ 3 support but not support for loading gtk.css stylesheets.

There is a development forum available here.


HTML documentation is in the doc/reference directory, and examples are in the examples directory. (The examples may be out of date and need testing.)

Some old documentation is available online but be aware that it's very incomplete and has not been updated since at least 2007 although it is still informative for beginners.

László Pere's original Gtkdialog homepage includes some useful information.

Widget Reference

button checkbox colorbutton combobox
comboboxentry comboboxtext edit entry
eventbox expander fontbutton frame
hbox hscale hseparator list
menu menubar menuitem menuitemseparator
notebook pixmap progressbar radiobutton
spinbutton statusbar table terminal
text timer togglebutton tree
vbox vscale vseparator window


Tips and Tricks