Build instruction - wongkvin-92/fyp2_react_native GitHub Wiki

We have not yet tried to build this project on a Windows based system yet.

Building on a UNIX based system (Linux/OSX)

  1. First clone the project
  2. Use npm or yarn to install the dependencies.
 $ yarn


 $ npm i -f
  1. Build the application using react-native cli tool. Run react-native eject to generate the android and ios folders.
$ react-native eject
$ react-native run-android

Alternatively, after you run eject you can go into android folder then run:

$ ./gradlew assembleDebug && ./gradlew installDebug

or use android studio to install. You can then run $ npm run start from the project directory to start the bundler.

If you encounter any error regarding "react-native-device-info" refer to the issue #4.