Managing pm2 - wollardj/Mandrill GitHub Wiki

pm2 is the process manager responsible for making sure Mandrill stays alive and healthy. But unlike Nginx, we have much more to gain than simple start|stop|restart commands. Here's a list of come of the commands understood by pm2, and a brief description of each

  • pm2 start mandrilld starts the mandrill web server on port 3001 (unless you specified an alternate port)
  • pm2 stop mandrilld stops the mandrill server
  • pm2 restart mandrilld stops, then starts the mandrill server
  • pm2 list generates a table of processes being managed, their pid, memory usage snapshot, and their uptime.
  • pm2 prettylist same as list, but the output is formatted json. Use jlist for slightly faster output when consuming the data in another script.
  • pm2 logs mandrilld outputs the logs recorded from the mandrilld process. Ctrl+c to quit.
  • pm2 monit a live dashboard displaying each managed process and how much memory and CPU that process is consuming. Ctrl+c to quit.