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Mandrill is a NodeJS application, and as such, it consists of quite a few Javascript and CSS files which should be minified before being delivered to the client. On the server side, there are actually components of the server which need to be properly compiled, which is why you had to install the build tools. Once you have Meteor, Meteorite and Mandrill's source code, the process of minifying and compiling are done with a single command.

Step 1: Getting the source

git clone

# If you want the latest source code, you're done. However,
# I suggest sticking with the latest release...
cd Mandrill
git checkout tags/`git tag -l | tail -n 1`

Step 2: Minify & Compile

# If you haven't already descended into the Mandrill directory...
cd Mandrill
mrt bundle Mandrill.tar.gz

Step 3: Deploy

sudo mkdir /usr/local/Mandrill
sudo tar --strip-components 1 -C /usr/local/Mandrill -zxf Mandrill.tar.gz

Step 4: Load the pm2 config file

pm2 start /usr/local/etc/mandrilld.json

At this point, you're finally done. If you reboot your server, Nginx, pm2, and MongoDB should all start up automatically. Alternatively, you can make sure they're all running right now (pm2 already is).

sudo /etc/init.d/mongod start
sudo /etc/init.d/nginx start

If you get an error with either of those commands, replace start with status to see if the service is already running.