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What is this?

Ubuntu / Debian / Linux Mint / Raspbian / openSUSE

Open a terminal and run

wget -p && bash digital-cinema-tools-setup

Windows 10

  • Activate 'Windows Subsystem for Linux' (WSL) in Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On or Off
  • Install the better Terminal from Microsoft
  • Install Ubuntu, again from Microsoft Store, and launch it. First time around you will be asked to enter a username and password
  • Run wget -p && bash digital-cinema-tools-setup



  • macOS Monterey (12) or higher
  • Command Line Tools (CLT) for Xcode (run xcode-select --install in a terminal)
  • bash shell (for the time being, until Setup kinks are ironed out)
  • Homebrew, a nifty package manager for macOS

Open a terminal and run

curl -sLO && bash digital-cinema-tools-setup

When finished run exec /bin/bash and you're done. This will change your current shell to bash (run exit to return to your default shell). Note that this is merely a workaround until macOS support is integrated better (wip).


Open a terminal and run

curl -sLO && bash digital-cinema-tools-setup


  • How to keep up-to-date

  • First steps: See How to use Digital Cinema Tools

  • On the first run you may be asked for your password. This is required to install some basic packages from distribution sources.

  • On Debian/Ubuntu types of systems Setup will install a couple of system-wide packages and will require root privileges to do that (it drops those privileges immediately after). Everything else will be installed into ~/.digital_cinema_tools, neat and tidy. Don't mess around in there or you're on your own.

  • If you care to know what xcode-select --install installs on macOS systems, look at /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/usr/bin/

  • Setup will tell you about any errors and you can safely re-run it when, for example, your network is back up. Type digital and hit your TAB key (this will complete to digital-cinema-tools-setup) to run the setup script again.

  • On a bad day digital-cinema-tools-setup will, of course, eat your cat. It's safe to assume though that the worst thing likely to happen is that parts of the digital cinema tools installation will simply not work. A growing number of people tell me it's working just fine. Your mileage may vary. Let us know

  • Every now and then run digital-cinema-tools-setup to keep the installed tools up-to-date.

  • Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. Better yet: post problems to the issues tracker so everyone will benefit.