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Digital Cinema Tools Distribution

Hi and welcome.

This repository collects a bunch of tools related to Digital Cinema and an installer script. See Setup to install everything required. When you're done see How to use Digital Cinema Tools for a quick guide.

Get in touch for questions and feedback.

Tools included:

  • asdcplib is a set of file access objects that offer simplified access to files conforming to the standards published by the SMPTE D-Cinema Technology Committee 21DC.

  • dcp_inspect is a tool for deep inspection and validation of digital cinema packages (DCP). This includes integrity checks, asset inspection, schema validation, signature and certificate verification and composition summarization. Basically anyone who needs an overview or needs to establish the validity of a digital cinema package can put dcp_inspect to good use.

  • decrypt_kdm.rb will decrypt Interop (should you ever run into one) and SMPTE KDMs if you have access to the targeted private key.

  • db_adjust_for_dolby_fader_ref.rb helps to figure out the required level change when targeting a specific Dolby CP650/750 Main Fader Knob setting and your audio is either too loud or too low.

  • xsd-check.rb is a stand-alone tool to check Assetmaps, PKLs, CPLs and KDMs. It will report schema errors which in turn you can feed back to the entities who provided you with the files in question.

  • Point dc_crypto_context.rb at a directory holding X.509 certificates and it will tell you whether the certificates found in there are SMPTE/DCI compliant, chain-complete and verifyable, thus usable for signing packages. Create a proof-of-concept chain of compliant certificates with make-dc-certificate-chain.rb. You will want to tweak the code if you intend to use these in production.

  • signature_check.rb allows you to quickly check whether a signed digital cinema metafile (PackingList, CompositionPlaylist, KDM) is intact.

  • x509_extract.rb and x509_inspect.rb

    • x509_extract.rb will extract the embedded X.509 certificates from signed digital cinema metafiles.
    • x509_inspect.rb can be used to display information about those X.509 certificates.
  • public_key_thumbprint will generate the thumbprint of the public key embedded in a X.509 certificate.