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Welcome to the Undertale-zero-affection wiki! This is also a way of how to get trough the game i used plenty of the dialog changes by transfer insted of control self-switch so this is like a, you can call it a previous timeline coming after the true pacifist ending

These are the dates i hope to release the full game, sorted by chapter

  1. 30/6/2020(1 day before my birthday 😃)
  2. 25/8/2020
  3. 30/8/2020
  4. 1/10/2020 merch. 31/12/2020
  5. (i will work on it 1 month before releasing 4, and i hope to bring a demo at the day of the merch)1/1/2021 and i did not plann the rest

The first thing you gotta do is talk to sans and PAPYRUS, wich will make papyrus join the party (hopefully(not in this release yet))And sans will tell you he repaired the TIME MACHINE and YOU WILL HAVE TO USE IT TO GAIN PROGRESS! but once you used it

you'll NEVER until the END of the game