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This utility is intended to help in search/grep for multiple content in multiple locations for multiple file types. It mainly supports the ASCII and UNICODE file formats.

Main features

  • Search multiple directories for multiple content based on multiple file extensions.
  • Allows searching in Word (docx), Excel (xlsx), Powerpoint (pptx) and PDF (pdf) documents.
  • Allow searching in archives - .zip, .7z, .rar, .tar and .gz
  • Page numbers in Word (docx) may not be exact using OpenXML(see http://officeopenxml.com/WPsection.php)
  • Search using regular expressions.
  • Shows list of files that were searched.
  • Exclude files/directories from being searched in the current session or always.
  • Open text files in preferred editor.
  • Navigate to file location in explorer.
  • Quickly view file content in a popup.
  • Advanced configuration allows changing backcolour and displaying search execution times.
  • Customise the UI based on settings in the preferences file (if set)
  • No installer. Setup / installation not required.

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