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Game Bible

The game bible is an up to date record of the product owner and the development team's agreed plan for the game.

The Game Play

Pokemon will be used as the baseline code for the initial game play. There exists a single user controlled character (who will be referred to as the "player" throughout the document) in each game play who's objective is to maximize points by catching special creatures. Each creature has a unique reward that could either give a negative or positive outcome to the player's points score. Creatures are located in specific venues (libraries, sporting facilities etc.) and events (lectures, labs etc.). The player must hunt these creatures down.

To Add

  • Map

  • GPS

  • Point Scoring System

  • Creatures

  • Battle

  • Tuxemon Game Play

  • Log in and registration system

  • Distance Calculator


Encourage students to attend specific locations and events that better their student well-being/life Tuxemon Game Play Witsiemon will copy the game play that exists on Pokemon. This means that there will be a single main character, being the player, that travels around the game and collects Pokemons/Creatures.


An exact mapping of Wits Main Campus with a scale of 1:5m Map should display all buildings and places of interest. Tiled will be used to design the map

GPS Displays the current location of the player. Also nearby places, within a 50m radius from the player will be displayed on the screen.


Animated creatures will be present in random locations on the map. The player will be able to interact with these creatures by battling them and capturing them, hence increasing their in-game points.

Capturing Creatures

The player will first have to discover the creatures by traveling through the map. After encountering a creature, the battle event will trigger. If the player wins the battle, they may be able to capture the creature.

Also the player will be able to capture creatures via random events that take place through out various "special" places on the map.

Point Scoring System

The player can increase their points by capturing creatures. More points are awarded for capturing rare creatures. The points will saved on the players account, therefore the player does not have to restart their in-game activities.


This event triggers a separate screen the enables a fighting scenario between the creatures and the players Pokemons. The objective is to defeat the creature by lowering its health score. Battle events get triggered in random areas throughout the map.


Create a branch for every set of changes you make to the project. All tests cases can be found on GitHub as well as the game executable.

The Wiki

The wiki should be the main repository of information, assets, and so on for the Witsiemon project.