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Witsiemon Architecture

Description of high level sections:

The below diagram is a high level description of our architecture. It involves the player's, who triggers the event, interaction with the game.

high level

Description of viewpoints:

Development view:

The component diagram below illustrates the system components from the developers perspective. The system has 3 components. The Windows component passes information to the Game component through an interface. The Game component can interact with both the Windows and libGdx component. The Game component requests further information from the libGdx component

Component Diagram

Logical view:

The Class Diagram below was generated from our game. It displays all the classes for the latest release and their relationships.

Class Diagram

Physical view:

The Deployment diagram below consists of two devices the Windows PC, which houses the Game Screen, and the Windows UI, which houses both the Game and the games library, libGdx.

Deployment Diagram

Process view:

The activity diagram below depicts the step by step process of all the features in the latest release.

Untitled Diagram


Below is a use case Diagram from the game players perspective. Included are the new features which were added for each release.

Use Case Diagram