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IRC is the communication channel used for all meeting conversations. IRC is there for us to record meeting attendance, manage the speaker queue, share links, and create minutes of in-meeting conversations, actions, and decisions.

IRC channel information

Channel for the WCAG2ICT task force: #wcag2ict


Port: 6665

IRC clients

You can simply use the direct IRC link: However, IRC clients can be convenient to use. Here's a couple I've used and liked:

  • MacOS Chrome plugin: CIRC - free
  • Native Windows application: mirc - $20 licensing fee
  • Textual IRC Client (MacOS and Windows versions available): - $7.99 licensing fee

Other IRC clients are available and Mozilla published a list of popular IRC applications.

IRC commands

The following sections contain some basic IRC commands you'll find most useful during meetings.

Queue management

Command Usage
q+ Add yourself to the queue.
q+ to Text reminder of your choice Add yourself to the queue and displays the text reminder when you're acknowledged. Example: q+ to bring up this important thought I have.
q- Remove yourself from the queue.
q? List who is in the queue.
ack irc-nickname Acknowledges the person using the nickname and removes them from the queue. SHORTCUT: You can type the first few letters of the irc nickname but be sure that they are a unique sequence for the list of people attending.

Other useful commands

Command Usage
present+ Meeting minutes will list you as present.
/me Text you want to show up in IRC This text shows in IRC chat, but does not get added to the meeting minutes.
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