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Basic Information

Primary Point of Contact: John Foliot [email protected]

Assigned to: Protocols Subgroup

IRC channel: channel: #wcag3-protocols

Friday at 9:00am US Eastern Time Call Information

Current Work

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Issues and Comments

Issues relating to Protocols

Referenced Research


Key Decisions Agreed On with Date

  • Decision: Protocols measures inputs and not outcomes. 7 January 2022
  • Decision: Accountability mechanisms are necessary. 7 January 2022
  • Decision: For measurement, accountability mechanism of protocols corresponds to measurement mechanism of outcome statement. 7 January 2022
  • Undecided: Accountability of protocols has same visibility as conformance statement, or is part of conformance claim. 7 January 2022

Working Document History


  • John Foliot (lead)
  • Gregg Vanderheiden
  • Jake Abma
  • Jeanne Spellman
  • Suzanne Taylor
  • Juanita George
  • Jen Strickland
  • Chuck Adams
  • Rachael Bradley-Montgomery
  • Michael Cooper
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