How to Use - vmasc-capabilities-lab/RUDE Wiki


The EventsManager manages all logging events and coordinates uploading too desired location. This is required at the root of your scene.


To include an EventsManager in a scene there are two options:

  1. Import RUDE’s custom prefab via Unity Package Manager

Import custom prefab

  1. Create an empty game object with the name “RudeManager’ and attach EventsManager script to it. EventsLogger will search for a game object with the name “RudeManager” to access the Logger Class object

Once you've added an EventManager(RudeManager) to an empty game object at the root of your scene, you must populate the fields within the inspector (shown below)

EventsManager Inspector

Once an option is selected, the inspector will update with new fields based upon the users selection.


EventsManager local option

Note: If you wish to not save any log files, leave this option on Local with the "File Path to Write Logs To" empty.

Azure Blob Storage

EventsManager azure option


EventsManager was option

Once an EventsManager(RudeManager) is initialized and the above fields populated, you may begin attaching EventLogger scripts to objects within your project.


The EventLogger script, when attached to an object will log information for a specific Unity Event. It logs using a custom .NET Logging Class with a focus on logging events for generic research purposes/needs.


To use the EventLogger, attach it to a Unity Game Object that you wish to add logging functionality and populate the fields to match your needs.

EventLogger inspector

VR Demo Scene

To demonstrate the use of the package, a VR demo scene was created, which can be imported via the RUDE package in the Unity Package Manager.


Import Demo Scene UPM

Once imported into your project, there should now be a "Samples" folder in your project and within this you will find an assortment of files/folders needed for the demo scene.

To open up the scene, navigate to the Scenes folder and open up the scene "VR Test" (shown below)

VR Test

Notes: This scene was created using modified versions of the EventsManager and EventsLogger in order to communicate information with objects in the scene. This will change in future versions as they should use unmodified versions of the EventsManager and EventLogger.