Files and Folders in this Repository - venice1200/MiSTer_tty2oled Wiki

File/Folder on MiSTer Description /media/fat/Scripts/ 💥 The Main Installer/Updater Script 💥 Second-Phase Install/Update Script, is downloaded just in time
tty2oled.ini /media/fat/tty2oled/ INI File with variables and options
S60tty2oled [1] /media/fat/tty2oled/ Starter Script [1] /media/fat/tty2oled/ Communication Script MiSTer => tty2oled ESP
MiSTer_SSD1322 [Deprecated] The Standard Arduino Project
MiSTer_SSD1322_SD The Arduino Project "SD-Version"
MiSTer_SSD1322_USB The Arduino Project "USB-Version"
Pictures Just Pictures :smiley:
Pictures/BMP Template-Pictures
Pictures/XBM /media/fat/tty2oled/pics/ Logos/Pictures (Foldername changed from XBM_SD)
Pictures/XBM_Text /media/fat/tty2oled/pics/ Logos/Pictures Text-Based
Pictures/XBM_US /media/fat/tty2oled/pics/ Logos/Pictures US-Versions
Pictures/XBM_Menu /media/fat/tty2oled/pics_pri/ Priority XBM Picture Folder
Pictures/XBM_ZIPs XBM Logos/Pictures Alternative Versions/Special Editions
PCBs_and_Cases KiCad & Gerber files for PCB's and STL/OpenSCAD files for Case(s) File deleted, but content moved to the Wiki

[1] Do not forget to make the two Scripts executable after copying them to the MiSTer. Use chmod +x [scriptname] for this.