4 1 Architectural Views - vctrblck/blast Wiki

Logical View

These are the functionalities provided to the user.

Including but not limited to:

  • Playing and Pausing a Song

  • Browsing Playlists

  • Browsing Genres

  • Increasing and Decreasing the Volume


Development View

The software administration from the point of view of the programmer.

Process View

The dynamic aspects of the system, explaining the system processes and how they communicate.

  • A user will type in user credentials and they will be sent to the API. If incorrect details are entered, the system wil request user credetials again. The system will be in a loop until valid credentials are entered.
  • Once valid credentials are entered, users can browse the homepage, or search songs. A request will be sent to the API with the query. API will send back a response with the requested data.
  • Once the response is received, it displays the song list. A user may press the song name and a request is sent to the API with the song ID and the song plays.


Physical View

The physical distribution of the system, as well as the physical connections between distributed parts.

  • Device nodes include:

    • Client device which can either be a mobile cellphone or a computer.
    • Server device
  • Execution Environments include:

    • Web browser running on client device
    • Spotify server



List of steps defining interactions between a role and a system to achieve some goal.

  • Users login

  • Spotify API provides authentication feature.

  • Spotify API provides song metadata.

  • Users browse various playlists.

  • Users play songs.

  • Users adjust the volume.