Checklist for Testing a Theme with BuddyPress - vapvarun/buddyx GitHub Wiki

Checklist for Testing a Theme with BuddyPress

1. Environment Setup

  • Install WordPress: Ensure the latest version of WordPress is installed.
  • Install BuddyPress: Ensure the latest version of BuddyPress is installed and activated.
  • Install the Theme: Install and activate the theme to be tested.

2. Compatibility Check

  • Default Components: Ensure the theme supports BuddyPress’s default components (e.g., Activity Streams, User Profiles, Groups, Private Messaging).
  • Responsive Design: Check that all BuddyPress pages and components are responsive and work well on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).

3. Functional Testing

  • Registration and Activation:
    • Test the user registration process.
    • Test the account activation process.
  • Member Profiles:
    • Check profile creation, editing, and viewing.
    • Ensure profile fields are displayed correctly.
    • Test profile photo and cover image uploads.
  • Activity Streams:
    • Post updates, comments, and likes.
    • Check media uploads and embeds in activity posts.
    • Ensure activity filters (e.g., mentions, favorites) work correctly.
  • Groups:
    • Create, join, and manage groups.
    • Post updates in group activity streams.
    • Test group invitations and membership requests.
  • Private Messaging:
    • Send and receive private messages.
    • Check the messaging interface and notifications.
  • Notifications:
    • Ensure users receive notifications for relevant actions (e.g., mentions, friend requests, group invites).
    • Check notification settings and customization options.
  • Friend Connections:
    • Send, accept, and manage friend requests.
    • Test friend connection notifications and listings.
  • Site Tracking:
    • Verify that site activity (e.g., new posts, comments) is tracked and displayed in activity streams.

4. UI/UX Testing

  • Layout and Design:
    • Ensure BuddyPress pages match the overall theme design.
    • Check for consistent styling of buttons, links, and forms.
  • Navigation:
    • Verify that BuddyPress-specific navigation items are present and functional.
    • Test the main menu, user menu, and any BuddyPress-specific menus.
  • Accessibility:
    • Check for keyboard navigability and screen reader compatibility.
    • Ensure that ARIA roles and labels are used appropriately.

5. Performance Testing

  • Page Load Speed:
    • Measure page load times for BuddyPress pages.
    • Optimize any slow-loading elements (e.g., large images, scripts).
  • Database Queries:
    • Check for excessive or slow database queries related to BuddyPress components.
    • Optimize queries if necessary.

6. Compatibility with Other Plugins

  • Common Plugins:
    • Test compatibility with commonly used plugins (e.g., WooCommerce, bbPress).
    • Ensure that BuddyPress components do not conflict with other plugins.
  • BuddyPress Add-ons:
    • Test compatibility with popular BuddyPress add-ons (e.g., BuddyPress Docs, BuddyPress Media).

7. Customization and Extensibility

  • Child Theme:
    • Create a child theme and ensure BuddyPress elements can be overridden.
  • Template Overrides:
    • Test custom BuddyPress templates to ensure they are used correctly.
    • Check for proper use of the BuddyPress template hierarchy.

8. Security Testing

  • Form Validation:
    • Ensure all BuddyPress forms have proper validation and sanitization.
  • User Permissions:
    • Verify that user permissions are correctly enforced (e.g., private messages, group membership).
  • Data Security:
    • Check for potential security vulnerabilities (e.g., XSS, CSRF) in BuddyPress components.

9. Multisite Testing

  • Network Activation:
    • Test BuddyPress in a WordPress Multisite environment.
    • Ensure proper network-wide activation and configuration.
  • Site-Specific Functionality:
    • Verify that BuddyPress components work correctly on individual sites within the network.

10. Localization and Translation

  • Language Support:
    • Ensure BuddyPress components are translatable.
    • Test the theme with different languages to check for localization issues.

By following this comprehensive checklist, you can ensure that the theme is thoroughly tested and compatible with BuddyPress, providing a seamless experience for users.