Decisions Index - uwlib-cams/MARC2RDA Wiki

I. Documentation

I.A. Spreadsheet

I.A.1. "Delete" status: Reasons for not mapping a row/justifications for recording "Delete" should go in "Notes--Uncategorized" column, not in "Justification for Mapping" column. 2022-03-23 I.A.2. Add transformation notes whenever possible. 2022-03-23 I.A.3. If we decide to exclude a MARC field/subfield, recording "not mapped", we ought to provide a reason. In "Notes--Uncategorized" column. 2022-03-23 I.A.4. Do not comment on spreadsheets in Google Sheets. Comments, discussions, and issues should be located and tracked in GitHub. 2022-05-18

I.A.4. Syntax

I.A.4.a. Condition Layering

I.A.4.a.i. Multiple values for the same MARC subfield condition with OR relationships should be recorded in the same cell, with | as delimiter. 2022-02-23 I.A.4.a.ii. Independent conditions get separate rows in the spreadsheet. Layered conditions are in multiple columns of the same row. 2022-01-06 I.A.4.a.iii. New sets of MARCTagCondition/ConditionValue columns may be added as needed to create more layered conditions with AND relationships to one another. 2022-04-06 I.A.4.b. Punctuation differences in label values for conditions should be ignored/treated as the same. For instance, “Based on (work)” and “Based on work” should be treated as the same string. 2022-02-23 I.A.4.c. Updated Instructions to include formatting for MARCTagCondition cells and corresponding value cells. 2022-04-06 I.A.4.d. Added table with prescribed syntax operators. 2022-04-06

I.B. Versioning

I.B.1. We will rely on GitHub’s versioning control, and refrain from adding new columns/notes to record different iterations of the mapping spreadsheets over time. 2022-02-16 I.B.2. Draft versioning will rely on Google Sheets, with frequent semi-automated pushes to GitHub by Theo. 2022-06-22

I.C. LRM/RDA/RDF Data Structure

I.C.1. Intermediate blank nodes and resources are never implied in this mapping. The assumption is that values are direct values for the RDA properties given. If otherwise, a transformation note is required. I.C.2 When an IRI is given as a value, the mapping will not also include a corresponding label. Labels should be retrieved via IRI by implementers, and unless an IRI is not present, are out of scope for this mapping. See discussion for more detail. 2022-04-20

I.C.3. Datatype/Object Properties

I.C.3.a. Where IRI values are expected, object properties should be used. In other cases, datatype properties should be used. 2022-06-22 I.C.3.b. Within spreadsheets, recording method column may be used to determine property type. 2022-06-22

II. Mappings

II.A. Redundancy

II.A.1. Write as few conditions as possible. II.A.2. Map the redundant data, push any duplicate triple issues downstream. 2022-01-26

II.B. 500 Notes

II.B.1. We will map as "has note on manifestation" for now, with status "?". Revisit later. 2022-03-23

II.C. $0/$1

II.C.1. Triple structure for $0/$1 mapping in situations where the object of a triple statement is an RDA Entity

For information on rationale and other ideas we considered, see discussion. For more specific decision documentation see this comment in the discussion. II.C.1.a. When $a and either $0 or $1 (but not both) exist in the same MARC field, we will create two triples with the same subject and predicate, and the values of $a and $0/$1 as direct values. 2022-03-30 Example: [Entity] [predicate] [$a value]. [Entity] [predicate] [$0 or $1 value]. II.C.1.b. When $a, $0, and $1 all exist, we will create the group of triples below. [predicate] will be the mapping predicate, as used in the above example. [predicate1] will be one of the RDA properties that links a RWO and an appellation for a RWO, as appropriate for the RDA Entity class, such as "has authorized access point for Person". [predicate2] will be one of the RDA properties that links a RWO to a metadata work describing the object, as appropriate for the RDA Entity class, such as "is Person described by metadata Work". 2022-03-30 Example: [Entity] [predicate] [$1 value]. [$1 value] [predicate1] [$a value]. [$1 value] [predicate2] [$0 value].

II.D. Properties and IRIs from Outside the RDA Registry

II.D.1. IRIs

II.D.1.a. When an IRI is needed and cannot be found in the RDA Registry, IRIs from other sources may be used. 2022-04-06

II.D.1.b. Prefer the following sources, in this order, for supplying outside IRIs:

II.D.1.b.i. Library of Congress II.D.1.b.ii. MARC21 Vocabularies from Metadata Management Associates, available via Open Metadata Registry

II.D.2. Properties

II.D.2.a. Assigning properties from outside the RDA Registry is out of scope at this time. Assign the next-most-specific appropriate RDA property and record "loss" in the Status column. We will compile these later and send to RSC for advice. 2022-04-06

II.E. Control Fields

II.E.1. Unknown/Other as values: Will not be mapped/recorded. We only want to include "valuable values". 2022-02-02

II.F. Obsolete Fields/Subfields/Character Positions

II.F.1. We will need to check on whether obsolete fields/subfields/character positions are being used in source data ourselves. Since they are obsolete, we will not prioritize this work right now, and will put off mapping obsolete fields/subfields/character positions until at least the end of the PCC RDA BSR/CSR milestones. 2022-06-01

III. Workflow

III.A GitHub

III.A.1. Crystal will push changes directly to Master branch every other week. We're not utilizing pull requests. 2022-01-26 III.A.2. When we close an issue, if it isn't self-explanatory, we will include a note and link to related decisions recorded in the decisions index at the time of issue-closing. 2022-06-08

III.B Google Sheets

III.B.1 Mapping contributors will edit the draft mappings in Google Sheets. 2022-05-18