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Application Launchers


"This program allows for a clearer screen by amassing all the seldom used utilities under one roof. It will run .APP, .IMG, .ALS, .OPA and .OPO files from any drive (or ROM). Applications that use other files (Agenda, Notepad, World, Data etc.) should automatically install themselves. If an association has been established (either automatically or by editing the datafile under the JBLaunch icon then, on running the item, a file choice menu appears for you to select a file to run with the application."

Note: This version will only run on the S3a due to modifications to the code.

Author: John Boyce for JBSoft, UK (1993-1995).

1995-07-13: v.2.4.

Available in the PDA Software Library as jblaunch.opa (13.4K).

LaunchPad — Palm OS launcher replacement.

Author: D. Eric Kenslow (1997).

1997-06-24: v1.11.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (16.4K).


"McPhling allows you to quickly switch from your current application to the previous one by simply swiping your pen from the silkscreen “Apps” button into the upper-left graffiti area. In addition, a swipe from the “Menu” button to the “Apps” button will pop up a list of your most recently used applications (application list) for you to select."

Author: Mike McCollister (2009).

2009-11-01: v5.82. Free under GPL 2.0 license.

Go to the author's site to download this program.


BackupAll — Make HotSync a bit safer.

"BackupAll is a program that plays around with the backup bit and modification date of the databases on your Palm to ensure that databases get backed up - or not - just as you like."

Package contains C source code.

Author: Matthias Jordan, Germany (1999).

1999-04-05: v1.1. Free under GPL 2.0 license.

BackupAll homepage.


bigclip — View clipboard contents in large scrolling window.

Author: Stuart MacMillan, UK (1997).

1997-12-19: v0.7.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (6.5K).

ClipView — Display the clipboard contents w/char and word counts.

"This app displays the contents of the clipboard, and shows the number of characters and words it contains."

Package contains C source code.

Author: Dave MacLeod, UK (1997).

1997-02-06: v0.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (3.2K).



PalmKeys is multilingual software keyboard for Palm OS (3.5 or higher) compatible devices. It provides easier and quicker text input. PalmKeys supports many languages and their corresponding keyboard characters.

Author: Translation Experts.

The downloads are hosted as self-extracting executable files in Translation Experts' FTP server.

Modification & Hacks

ClearHack — Eliminates underlining in multi-text fields.

"Do you find the dotted underlining under all the text in Memo Pad memos, Date Book notes, and other multi-line fields visually distracting? ClearHack takes those underlines away. When used in conjunction with ShiftHack, it makes the Memo Pad a more comfortable place to edit Quartus source and other documents."

Author: Neal Bridges / Quartus Handheld Software (1998).

1998-12-19: v2.1.

Download (1.44K).

Daylight Savings Hack

"It is a simple application that changes your Pilot's time according to rules you can specify on DSHack's control panel."

Author: Bozidar Benc, Croatia (1997).

1997-09-22: v2.1.3.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (7.92K).

DebugHack — Change graffiti shortcut for developers.

"This HackMaster extension changes the shortcut-dot-dot-2 to enter the debug mode from the Address Book button. Holding the Datebook button down or pressing it 3 times will perform a soft reset."

Author: Alan Pinstein / Synergy Solutions, Inc. (1997).

1997-12-11: v1.0.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (1.71K).

GlowHack — Turn on backlight automatically on startup.

"GlowHack causes your backlight to turn on automatically whenever you turn your PalmPilot on between the times you specify."

Author: Matt Peterson / Dovcom (1997).

1997-10-02: v2.0.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (1.50K).

MyPhone — Customize your Siemens device.

MyPhone is the all round tool for Siemens mobile phones for the PalmOS Platform.

Functions / Features:

  • installation and removal of provider logos
  • logo editor
  • logo installation in demo (fullscreen) mode
  • midi playback (for testing)
  • get various information from your mobile phone (battery, firmware version, imei, cimi)
  • set the date and time from your Palm
  • support for Palm devices with color display
  • support for Sony Clié JogDial

Author: Collin R. Mulliner, Germany (1999-2004).

2004-03-07: v2.2.

Go to the MyPhone homepage, in English - auf Deutsch, for screenshots, version history and downloads.

NoLinesHack — Remove underlines in editable text fields.

"This is a hack to eliminate the underlining in editable text fields, because they annoyed me. I know that ClearHack already does this, but it sometimes has a problem with the underlines re-appearing when you enter new text or backspace in a field. So, for practice writing hacks (this is actually my first released program for the Palm) and working with PalmOS, I wrote this in the hopes I would be able to eliminate even those last vesitges of annoyance. Naturally, I did, or I wouldn't have bothered to release this."

Package contains C source code.

Author: Trebor A. Rude (2001).

2001-03-14: v1.0. Free under GPL 2.0 license.

Download (file size and link to be determined).


"Owner is a Palm application that brings up the “Owner” Palm preferences form. If your Palm OS device is lost and then found by an inexperienced Palm user, then this is an easy method (for inexperienced users) for finding the owner preference form."

Note: Owner is named with dashes (“-”) at the beginning and end of the name so that it will show up first in a list of applications.

Author: Mike McCollister (2006).

2006-11-14: v1.10.

Go to the author's site to download this program.

SilkClockHack — Display the timestamp, memory and battery in HandEra devices.

"SilkClockHack is a HackMaster hack to display the curent date, time, free memory and battery drain in the silkscreen area of the HandEra 330. The format for displaying the date time is taken from the system prefs. The free memory and battery drain can be shown as a percental or as an absolute value. You can also deactivate each value by itself."

Author: Collin R. Mulliner, Germany (2001).

2001-08-20: v1.23. Freeware under GNU GPL 2.0 license.

SilkClockHack homepage with screenshots.

SysBeepHack — Disable the click sound when typing.

"This hack eliminated the click sound from the system sound set. This makes it useful for people who type regularly on their handheld devices."

Note: For Palm OS 4.0 & above only

Author: Peter Shanahan (2002-2006).

2006-09-29: v1.0.4.

Go to the author's site to download this program.

SysSndWavHack — Play WAV files instead of MIDI files in HandEra device system sounds.

Author: Collin R. Mulliner, Germany (2001-2004).

2004-04-14: v0.4. Freeware under GNU GPL 2.0 license.

SysSndWavHack homepage with screenshots.

System Sound Hack — System sound preferences module.

This hack allows you to change the system sounds.

Author: Tatsuya Aoyagi, Japan (1997).

1997-08-06: v0.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (4.16K).


Battery Checker — Psion battery checking program.

This program gives you a graphic representation of the condition of your batteries. This includes...

  • Main Batteries
  • Lithium
  • RAM SSD Batteries
  • External power

It will also tell you if you have enough battery voltage to write to FLASH or to hear sound. This can be very helpful."

Author: Mark Esposito for Pelican Software Inc. (1995).

1995-02-10: v1.2.

Available in the PDA Software Library as battery.opa (1.35K).


"With BatteryControl, you can keep your battery condition always in sight. It displays a little symbol in all apps that's more or less filled."

Author: Peter Strobel for PSTec, Germany (1997).

1997-12-14: v2.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as BattControl.


"BatteryHack is a hack that replaces the word ‘Battery’ on the Applications screen with a digital display of the current voltage."

Author: Matt Peterson / Dovcom (1996).

1996-10-31: v1.01.

Available in the PDA Software Library as batthack in prc (1.03K) or zip (4K).

Battery Prefs

"Battery Prefs sets the default battery type of your Palm OS device. It also displays statistics such as voltage level and low battery warning levels. This program shows up in your Palm Preferences application (known as “Prefs”) and not in the application launcher.

This program displays various information for the current battery type. The battery type can be changed so that the low battery warning is properly calibrated. The warning and critical voltage levels change depending on the battery type selected. “Default” refers to the factory default battery type. Setting the battery to the wrong type may result in loss of data. Use this feature with caution."

Author: Mike McCollister (2009).

2009-11-01: v1.43.

Go to the author's site to download this program.

BMeter — Display and change battery settings on Palm OS.

"BMeter is a utility to display your current battery voltage. BMeter has features which may potentially cause loss of data if used improperly."

Author: Matt Peterson / Dovcom (1996).

1996-05-16: v1.1.

Available in the PDA Software Library as bmeter.prc (4K).

Palm Font Hacks

Ĉapelanto — Display Esperanto accents correctly on PalmOS handhelds.

Ĉapelanto is a Hack for Palm handhelds (and all other compatibles, such as Handspring, Symbol etc.). It works correctly on all PalmOS systems from PalmOS 2.0 onwards, including PalmOS 5.

Package contains docs in English & Esperanto.

Author: Matthew Faupel / Micropraxis, UK (2002-2005).

2005-04-07: v2.0. Thanksware.

Go to the Ĉapelanto website, in English - ĉe Esperanto, for downloads and instructions.

CyrHack — Palm OS font hack to change the fonts and keyboard to type Cyrillic languages.

CyrHack is used to modify the Palm OS font and keyboard to add Cyrillic characters but the docs are in Russian.

Author: Timur N. Tashpulatov, Russia (1998-2019).


  • 2019-05-16: CyrHack v1.14
  • 2001-04-01: CyrHack Full v0.52β

CyrHack homepage, in Russian only / только в Русский.

Palm Hack Management

Yet Another Hack Manager

"It is a control utility for so called 'hacks' management: activating, deactivating, beaming and deleting. YAHM presents my favorite feature set for hack manager."

Author: Igor Nesterov (2002-2004).

2004-04-03: v2.3.6.

Download YAHM_2_5_113.prc (36.7K).

Yet Another Hack Manager homepage.

Palm Utilities

Digitizer Check — Help diagnose how far off your digitizers tracking is.

"This app shows where the Pilot "thinks" the stylus is touching the screen."

Package contains C source code.

Author: Dave MacLeod, UK (1997).

1997-11-27: v0.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (5.8K).

Found Me? — Display a message identifying the owner of a Pilot.

"Found me?" is a simple little Pilot utility that will hopefully help to reunite lost Pilots with their owners."

Author: Iain Barclay (1996).

1996-04-16: v0.2.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (2.1K).

Maus — Emulate a PC mouse with a Pilot.

"Maus is a little program that makes the Pilot behave like a mouse!"

Author: Iain Barclay (1996).

1996-11-15: v0.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (2.1K).

PaperClip — Perform a soft reset of Pilot.

PaperClip is a small utility that performs a soft reset of your Pilot—just like poking a paper clip in the little hole in the back. All records and entries you have stored in your Pilot are retained. You will not lose them.

Author: Jeff Jetton (1996).

1996-09-23: Unnumbered release.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (2.1K).

Pilot Info Manager — Get OS version info, memory use, etc.

Author: Derek Kwan (1997).

1997-11-11: v1.2.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (4K).

SuperPilot DeFragger — Memory defragmentation program for SuperPilot memory board users.

Author: Ernie Rudolph (1997).

1997-03-12: v1.0.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (28.3K).

Uptime — Track how long your Pilot has been on, how long since last reboot, etc.

Keep track of how long since the last soft start of your pilot, how long your pilot has been "on" since the last reset, and how many days and hours since you changed the batteries.

Author: Gabe Dalbec (1997).

1997-11-09: v0.9.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (2.1K).

WristRest — Reminds you to take an occasional break.

"WristRest is a smple Pilot utility whose sole purpose is to remind you to take breaks when you are working. Taking regular breaks and stretching or walking around is a good way to safe your body from the dangers of RSI."

Author: Iain Barclay (1997).

1997-01-07: v0.1.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit as (2.5K).

Psion Utilities

Shell3a — Command line for Psion Series 3a.

"Shell3a is a command line shell for the Psion Series 3a which allows basic file operations such as copy, delete, rename, etc, as well as more sophisticated operations."

Author: Nick Murray, UK (1996).

1996-09-01: v1.70.

Available in the Hand Held Organizer Toolkit with source code.


Pason — Psion password protector.

"I like the ability to have a password on my Psion, it makes it more likely that the machine will be returned if it is lost. Unfortunately the built-in password mechanism forces you to retype your password every time the machine is turned on, this can work out at hundreds of times a day! What I wanted was to have a password that I have to type in first thing the morning but only once a day. That is what this software provides."

Authors: Andrew Lord, UK (1995-1996); originally by Steve Hawtin, UK (1994).

1996-05-28: v4c.

Available in the PDA Software Library as sys$pas4.opa.

Quick Lock, Hide & Off — Palm hack collection.

"Quick Lock locks the device and then switches it off immediately. When switched back on the password must be entered to gain access to the Pilot. Hide & Off marks private records and then switches the Pilot off immediately. The password must be entered from the Security app to view private records."

Author: Julian Jiggins (1996).

1996-05-16: v1.0.

Available in the PDA Software Library as hideoff.prc (1.89K) or quiklock.prc (1.98K).