Changelog - trobfab/fabrik GitHub Wiki

Below is the changelog for changes to the fabrik codebase. Changes are listed in Chronological order, newest to oldest. Bolded items are major release points.

For the status of the latest release etc. see Fabrik 4 for Joomla4.2+ Announcements

2023-03-27 Forum #53760 Forum #53758 Fix deprecated null params mb_strtolower and json_decode
2023-03-27 Forum #53748 Fix dbjoin deprecated trim on NULL
2023-03-25 Fix cron_php eval parameters
2023-03-22 Forum #53754 List php_events: add $model to eval vars
2023-03-22 Content plugin: fix deprecated issues, improve debug reporting
2023-03-20 Forum #53752 Add variables to Php::Eval also in case of additional php-file
2023-03-20 Forum #53751 Run backend template overrides only on Fabrik
2023-03-19 Fix Deprecated: Passing null to parameter #2 ($replace)... in Worker.php on line 759
2023-03-19 Forum #53749 Fix eval/thisVar in several plugins
2023-03-18 Forum #53743 Set #_elements.default nullable also on update
2023-03-18 Forum #53737 Improve CDD error logging
2023-03-17 Forum #53741 Fix issue on Windows systems and J! root folder starting with a number
2023-03-12 Forum #53731 Use explicit jQuery in blockuserinput.js
2023-03-09 Forum #53668 Improve (j)date range filter layout (BS5 and accessibility)
2023-03-07 Fix email list plugin
2023-03-06 Forum #53711 etc Fix deprecated warnings in list can-edit/delete/view-row plugins (thx pastvne)
2023-03-06 Fix new lib structure in list email + form sms plugin
2023-03-06 Forum #53717 Catch outdated or wrong segments in router
2023-03-05 Forum #53712 Include $data in databasejoin and CDD AdvancedEval params
2023-03-05 Forum #53707 Fix $form warning in backend menu and module editing (and add fix for J!4.2.8)
2023-03-01 Fix typo in thumbs element. For updating the thumbs element see (

2023-02-28 4.0Gamma2 Release
2023-02-27 Fix version check in thumbs element
2023-02-27 Update Getid3 lib
2023-02-27 Fix a typo in comment form plugin
2023-02-27 Improve error reporting on storing meta data
2023-02-27 New library structure; fix "DOMPDF not found"

2023-02-25 4.0Gamma1 Release
2023-02-24 Forum #53682 Repeat group button layout
2023-02-23 Forum #53685 Missing string initialisation in case of ajax_calc
2023-02-23 Forum #53684 revert need for double backslash in date/jdate 'getAllowedPHPDates'
2023-02-22 Forum #53593 escape % in calc element code before logging, so sprintf in logEval won't break with' x arguments required, y given

2023-02-22 4.0Gamma Release
2023-02-21 Removed all calls to the PHP eval function. We now create a class to wrap the code. This isolates Fabrik code from any clash with user supplied code
2023-02-21 Forum #53674 Textarea WYSIWYG sizing
2023-02-19 Forum #53660 Forum #53664 Remove autoscrolling of wide lists
2023-02-19 Forum #53666 Stop "cycling" of pagination next button
2023-02-16 Forum #53660 Layout enhancement for listactions as dropdown
2023-02-16 Forum #53665 Throw error, not a system error message + false success "Record added/updated" in case of failed "store row to DB"
2023-02-15 Forum #53659 fix Class "Fabrik\Helpers\JURI" not found
2023-02-14 Forum #53654 handle old ReCaptcha v1 as reCaptcha (checkbox) v2
2023-01-29 Fix Rating element
2023-01-17 Forum #53604 Improved error message in case of failing Fabrik connection (instead of 'mysqli object is not fully initialized')
2023-01-12 Forum #53592 User elelemnt not rendering name or ID on new records, ID does not store
2023-01-12 Fix calc element (Ajax-update if code contains \)
2023-01-12 Fix Enhanced Dropdown
2023-01-09 Issue #600 Button element missing
2023-01-08 Issue #603 2 column PDF output broken; (edit) Fix incorrect end-of-group handling
2023-01-05 Issue #609 List module "Show intro" setting
2023-01-05 Issue #606 Remove hardcoded bootstrap list template and improve div template (BS5 styling, HTML ids)
2023-01-05 Issue #607 Trim whitespace from group column widths; (edit)Don't count hidden fields in multi-col groups
2022-12-24 Issue #528 Delete not working in row if list actions rendered as dropdown

2022-12-20 Beta4b Release
2022-12-20 Issue #598 Error in sql update file for fabrik_cron
2022-12-20 Issue #599 JSON string broken if "params" fields of the database tables fabrik_lists or fabrik_forms is too long
2022-12-20 Issue #598 Class Factory not found
2022-12-19 Issue #586 Can't delete row from list

2022-12-19 Beta4 Release
2022-12-18 Issue #594 Install fail: BLOB, TEXT, GEOMETRY or JSON column 'default' can't have a default value
2022-12-16 Issue #548 Save part-edited records Form leads to error 0 on clear
2022-12-14 Issue #535 Calc element not rendering HTML
2022-12-14 Issue #588 List filter not working in Admin (also site)
2022-12-14 Issue #530 Googlemap element works in list, not in form
2022-12-14 Issue #500 Advanced search produces an error
2022-12-12 Issue #583 Creating a list based on a view misses table name
2022-12-11 Issue #548 Clearing a partially saved form leads to error 0
2022-12-10 Issue #576 Finish publishing date cannot be cleared in forms and visualizations
2022-12-10 Issue #589 Advanced search in admin needs BS5 styling
2022-12-09 Issue #577 Unpublished list cannot be edited
2022-12-09 53564 PHP8 Error in Birthday element
2022-12-08 Issue #585 Saving an element shows empty green error message

2022-12-02 Beta3 Release
2022-11-30 Issue #574 Class 'BaseController' not found
2022-11-30 Issue #572 Change help links to https
2022-11-29 Issue #543 Issue #544 List filter layout
2022-11-29 Issue #563 Clear filter for search all
2022-11-29 Issue #537 BS5 markup for radio button groups
2022-11-28 Issue #566 Form Comment plugin call to member function getTableColumns on null
2022-11-28 Issue #569 Error installing on J4 that did not have F! installed.

2022-22-27 Beta2c Release
2022-11-27 Issue #565 Remove old F3 update sql files so they do not run during install
2022-11-27 Issue #533 Add email exists validation
2022-11-27 Issue #539 Unable to import from CSV

2022-11-26 Beta2b Release
2022-11-26 Issue #561 Comments plugin shows database warning.

2022-11-26 Beta2a Release
2022-11-26 Multiple issues - SQL Update problems with Beta2.
2022-11-26 Issue #507 Block user input on front end until Fabrik is loaded.
2022-11-26 Issue #560 Upgrade F4-F4 should not delete the library.
2022-11-26 Issue #558 Null date value. 2022-11-24 Issue #540 Deprecated warning in Birthday element

2022-11-23 Beta2 Release
2022-11-23 Issue #547 & Issue #546 Updating to Beta1 causes sql errors
2022-11-22 Issue #549 Plus sign wrong color in filters dialog
2022-11-19 Issue #543 Up/Down arraows Missing
2022-11-19 Issue #540 Deprecated errors in Birthday Element
2022-11-17 Issue #531 Undefined method in Captcha plugin
2022-11-13 Issue #501 Advanced search strange layout after re-opening (PR #526)
2022-11-13 Typo in Googlemap viz (coords in viz missing), deprecated warning in Googlemaps element (PR #525)
2022-11-12 Issue #494 and Issue #519, Axjax validation icons, time element dropdown, time element php8 fix (PR #520 PR #523 )
2022-11-11 Issue #503, List buttons alignment (PR #517 )
2022-11-09 Issue #347, Access protection for "Reset Fabrik" (PR #516 )
2022-11-07 Issue #503, Toggle list columns (PR #504, #505 )
2022-11-07 Issue #494, Fail/success icon position in ajax validations, failed validation indication on group tabs in bootstrap_tabs (PR #502 )
2022-11-06 Issue #486, Responsive CSS for List column visibility
2022-11-06 Issue #489, fabrik hangs when saving element structure change.
2022-11-06 Beta1 release